At Harris Visual, Pre-Production is the most important part of what we do. We work closely with you to design a concept and articulate the goal of a project. Every aspect of Pre-Production is designed to give us a creative direction as well as allow you to feel secure in our delivery.

Concept Development - This is where we find your unique voice and style as a client. The concept dictates every creative decision we make during a project.

Scriptwriting - The script is the concept on paper. It's the blueprint of the project. Because of our planning with a script, we are able to deliver the concept accurately and effectively.

Storyboarding - The storyboard is the visual script. It's our blueprint for the way the project will look. It's a great tool for us to use to save us time and you money.

Set Design - Working in hand with the storyboard, the visual concepts are taken and prepared for production. The set design creates an environment for the story to take place in while remaining true to the original concept.

Casting/Wardrobe - Finding the right character is key in how an audience will perceive a project. We work effectively in matching concept to story.





Editing - We piece a project together using the script and storyboard as a template. What you saw in Pre-Production is what you see in Post-Production.

Mixing -

Sound Design


Music Composition